Improve Your Hiring/Improve your Staff

Exasperating isn't it. You just heard one of your good (pick one) customer service reps, technicians, dental hygienists, sales reps, just resigned and you have a position you need to fill now. You could place an entry in your favorite on line recruiting sites where it will get buried among dozens if not hundreds of other similar notices. You could place a personal ad in your local newspaper where it may take days before it appears. Then after a few days you get a resume or phone call. The first few don't sound right and finally someone sounds like a possibility. You invite her for an interview. You come to the lobby and something about her doesn't fit your position. By the time you get to your office you are looking for ways to end the interview as quickly as possible while still retaining a shred of respect for the person who came in.

But there's a better way. Take your remaining customer service reps/technicians/hygienists etc. and have them take a personality assessment before you have an opening. We offer the DISC assessment. Have them all take it. Analyze the results. Learn the characteristics of your best performers and keep that in mind. Also if you have some that aren't performing note those characteristics also. Then wherever you go keep in mind the characteristics you are looking for. When you meet someone who fulfills them invite him in for an interview even if you aren't looking now. When the position turns over you might have a perfect candidate waiting in the wings. Please contact me with questions, comments.


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